The following schedule is modeled on my last Clio Wired course just with updated dates. However, I intend and expect to change this schedule and update the modules based on the results of an all-class survey I will send out just before the start of the semester. For example, I will be really surprised if none of you vote for AI as a topic. This is therefore NOT THE FINAL SCHEDULE and is provided just to give you a general sense of what the schedule might look like.

Each week is referenced by the Monday that begins it, e.g. the week of August 26th, our class session is scheduled August 26th; your blog post is due August 29th; blog post comments can begin as soon as the first posts are made and continue until September 1st.

Readings should be done by class time, while technical exercises may wait to start until after class except the “before class” activities in Module 1. I expect Slack discussion will mostly occur between class and the blog deadline but there is no hard limit on starting or ending a discussion; feel free to keep poking at a topic that particularly interests you or is relevant to your group project, as long as it doesn’t cause you to fall behind on other module(s). The deadline for blog posts and comments isĀ 11:59pm on their respective due dates.

Required Modules, By Week

August 26, Module 1: Historical Scholarship in the Digital Age

September 2, No Class ~Labor Day~

September 9, Module 2: Digitization and Data

September 16, Module 3: Project and Data Management

September 23, Module 4: Historical GIS

September 30, Module 5: Digital Exhibits, Copyright, and Open Access

October 7, Module 6: Digital Storytelling and Games

October 14, No Class ~Fall Break~

October 21, Module 7: Accessibility, Data Visualization, and Digital Interfaces

October 28, Optional Module Week

November 4, Module 8: Ethics, Biases, and Diversity in a Digital World

November 11, Optional Module Week

November 18, Module 9: Digital Sustainability and Preservation

November 25, Optional Module Week and In-Class Project Presentations

~Thanksgiving Break~

December 2, Optional Module Week and In-Class Project Presentations

December 9, Module 10: The Past, Present, and Future of DH

Optional Modules

DH and Pedagogy

Digital Art History

Distant Reading and Text Analysis

Network Analysis

Text Encoding